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Zachary Quinto at FX Con in Orlando, FL

I met Zachary Quinto in Orlando this winter. A friend of mine and I were only going to go on Friday (it was during formal recruitment and my sorority was none-too-happy with me), but then decided to go back on Saturday. There wasn't any line and we hung around him for a while, talking--both my friend and Zach are left handed, so I made some comments about how the majority of serial killers were left handed and joked around about that for a bit. We weren't there in time to get a picture taken with him, but I did get an autographed photo for myself and another friend. Hayden was there, but her line was so long, so I didn't get a chance to get her autograph.

Overall, he was incredibly nice and said he absolutely loved playing Sylar. Afterward, my friend said he thought Zach seemed gay, which there have been some rumors about, but then again straight guys never have the best gaydar. He's just as cute in person, of course, if not downright adorable.

I hadn't thought to mention to Zach how we're both from Pittsburgh, and regret doing that, since that could have been a nice talking point, too. Alas. Next time, right? ^.^
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