Aelora (aelora) wrote in heroes_cast,

Heroes Holiday Activities

This may seem early (but it's really not because, hello, October!), I've put together a couple of Heroes communities for celebration of the holidays.

heroes_xmas is a Holiday fic challenge that I encourage all fic writers out there to join in on! Sign-ups are through this week. Basically, you come up with what you want to see, you offer to write something else, and then in December everyone gets treated to some lovely Heroes fic to read - which I'm sure we'll all be needing come winter hiatus! And anyway, who doesn't love receiving fic??

heroes_santa is a secret Santa gift exchange for Heroes fans! And considering the amount of Heroes swag out there now, we can certainly all get into the Holiday spirit by sending a little something to a fellow Heroes fan - especially between countries since we don't always get the same stuff! Sign-ups are through the month of October!

So join up on one or both communities and be a Hero to someone during the upcoming Holidays! (Yeah, totally corny but I couldn't help myself!)

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